Top 10 Reasons to Say Good-bye to your Receptionist

A woman wearing a headset is working on a computer.

A receptionist is usually considered the face and voice of your business. With cold calling, in-person purchasing, and many face to face appointments and meetings quickly going out of style, and with the advent of automation and computer based services, now might be a great time to reconsider whether keeping an in-house receptionist is worth […]

Outsourcing Customer Service for Medical Offices

A woman wearing a headset in an office.

Customer service is the key to the success of any organization. Reputation among clients is particularly important for a business, especially if your business develops online. A satisfied customer will recommend you to friends, family members, and colleagues, while an unsatisfied customer will tell everyone about bad experiences. One negative review can spoil the impression […]

Outsourcing Customer Service for Real Estate Companies

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The implementation of a well-defined customer service policy is a very important aspect for a real estate agency. When an effective customer service is provided at a real estate agency, this becomes the main factor providing positive results. Conversely, when a real estate agency fails to establish a customer service system, it will adversely affect […]

Outsourcing Customer Service for Law Offices

A group of people wearing headsets in a call center.

One of the most difficult issues in dealing with outsourcing your customer service is communication. Everyone has at least one terrible experience when contacting support when the client was unable to explain something or understand the accent of the agent. For this reason, we select the most qualified employees for whom a foreign language is […]

Outsourcing Customer Service for Cleaning Companies

A man sitting at a desk with two laptops and a phone.

Nothing represents your cleaning company’s values and principles better than your customer service. In a progressive global society, clienteles are keen to connect with companies like yours to get the assistance they need regardless of the time of day. As most companies recognize the worth of customer retention, supporting customers with a durable support program […]