Case Study

Outsourcing Call Management Improves Productivity and Revenue

  • If you missed just 2 calls a week from prospective clients that’s 104 opportunities lost to secure new business every year.

  • Most businesses don’t know how many calls they miss – and are always surprised when they work out the numbers

  • In the US 48% of all phone calls take place after a mobile search for a specific service

  • “Click-to-call” widgets increase conversion rates by 200% – if someone is there to pick up the phone!

  • Great phone conversations deliver repeat business and increase revenue

The Cost of Poor Call Handling

It’s easy to forget, in a world where so much communication takes place online, that the telephone is still a really important tool for almost every business. Every missed call could be a missed opportunity to earn revenue, secure a new long-term client or miss out on other opportunities that would help to generate more business. Not every missed call will follow-up with an email, and some will try your competitors next. Recent research suggests that an incredible 80% of business is still done over the phone – and the first call creates an important first impression.

Of course, telephone requirements vary from business to business, and few firms can really afford to pay staff to sit and wait for calls. On the other hand, those organizations employing sales teams may be making so many outbound calls that there just isn’t the capacity to answer all the inbound inquiries – and when people are returning calls to find out more about your offer, they are already engaged in your sales journey.

“Hutchbug saved us a fortune in lost calls – they worked hard to develop a solution for our business and we have seen much improved monthly revenues as a result. Before working with Hutchbug, we must have been losing thousands of dollars every year”

Brown BMS Management Group

Lost Revenue Costs Money!

As every business is different, it’s hard to put a figure on the cost of a missed call. If your average sales value is $250 and you’re missing 100 sales a year, that’s $25,000 is lost revenue – but it’s not as simple as that. Assuming you nurture each client and develop a relationship with them, they will become loyal repeat customers and will recommend your business to other people. That $25,000 would easily become $250,000! Imagine turning down that kind of revenue every year!

Reputation and Compliance is Time Critical

For some firms, calls aren’t just about sales. Time critical calls are an important part of the service offer for firms in a range of sectors including medical, real estate, repair and installation services, facilities management and perishable goods suppliers. For these businesses, calls often need to be answered quickly to provide fast support to customers.

Failure here can be detrimental to an organization’s reputation. These customers will almost certainly look elsewhere! And for B2C firms, some of those unanswered calls will lead to poor online reviews creating further barriers for potential new business.

“We were struggling to ensure that our office was staffed 9-5 everyday – even though our customers expected this level of service. Cost was a particular challenge, and our office staff often have to make urgent, local deliveries”

A. V., Vanity Media Marketing

Our Solution

At Hutchbug, we work hard to provide customer service solutions which are designed to meet the specific needs of each and every client we work with. When it comes to handling your inbound calls, we go beyond your expectations, delivering fully configurable telecoms solutions, integrated software solutions that talk to your existing systems, full call reporting and tools to extend your phone system beyond the wired network.

  • We have the expertise, experience and technology to predict call volumes to flexibly manage our team to cater for your busiest days and your quietest – representing great value for money without the commitment to employing staff.
  • Our systems work across all your communications channels including phone, email, live chat and social media.
  • Because we’re there to answer your calls, 100% of the time, we help with customer retention and corporate reputation, enhancing customer loyalty.
  • We can scale our activities up and down in line with your seasonal promotions and special offers.
  • Our ability to flex and scale our resources to support your business helps you reduce your staffing and operational costs whilst protecting your revenue streams.

More than Just a Call Center

We’re not just another outsourced call center – we have much more to offer our clients. We provide order processing, data entry, virtual assistance, book-keeping, and a wide variety of other services all designed to give your business the personnel it needs at affordable rates.

We work with multiple small business owners to meet their different needs, working with clients in a vast range of different sectors including real estate, construction, eBay sellers, janitorial services, medical suppliers and many more.